Complex structure Single-Shot Vacuum Infusion


Aiming to constantly develop its techniques, processes and capabilities TRYGONS has invested in the research of complex structures’ vacuum infusion for over a decade. Building on acquired knowledge from very versatile constructions, the company has fabricated innovative single-shot (monocoque) wind blade and boat samples.

  • This production novelty is ideal for multidimensional closed parts and products, as – where applicable – it can:
  • significantly reduce manufacturing costs
  • substantially enhance dimensional accuracy and stability
  • reduce weight while increasing stiffness (polyester product with the hardness, durability and light weight of the market’s equivalent carbon-fiber product)
  • lower production time

Large products’ direct mould prototyping

wr2TRYGONS was able to construct large scale CNC models of the product’s mould itself, thus directly producing first runs saving on time and cost of a real mould. This way, the first actual parts could be modified and improved after field-testing. This production method can lead to significant savings from mould fine-tuning of large (more than 1m) products.

Carbon-fiber spring feature integration

wr3TRYGONS entered a completely different sector by manufacturing for an orthopaedics company a full carbon-fiber in-shoe Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO) that includes an integrated spring feature made of the same material. The product comprises of a lateral hinge joint with a spring elevation mechanism at the level of the ankle in the lateral malleolus. This accessory provides foot elevation while walking and the product goes to show the variety of applications for composites materials and processing.

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